Take a Walk, Step Out For Fitness

Take a Walk, Step Out For Fitness

If you’re spending this time of year rooting for sports teams as they finish their seasons,Take a Walk, Step Out For Fitness  Articles it’s important to take a page from their playbook to work out regularly. Now don’t get nervous. You can start exercising at your own pace, gradually building up to a more intense workout. Now that the days are longer, with more daylight after work, vow to step up your fitness plan. One of the easiest options is walking, something we’re all familiar with. If you’ve included exercise in your lifestyle, walking can be one more option for staying fit. And if your fitness goals are new, walking can help you get in step with a plan that is relatively easy to stick with. The benefits of walking include:

– It aids in maintaining a healthy weight.

– It helps to prevent or manage heart disease, high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes.

– It helps in strengthening your bones.

– It can improve mood and prevent depression.

– It helps improve balance and coordination.

– Research also indicates that walking can reduce the risk clenbuterol for sale amazon of breast and colon cancer.

Now this walk toward better health will require a few adjustments to your typical stride. It is important to stand up straight, head up, and eyes forward, with your shoulders back; your neck and shoulder muscles should be relaxed. As you walk your arms are swinging freely with the elbows slightly bent. With this good posture, your body will elongate naturally-tighten your stomach slightly and step forward rolling easily from heel to toe.

To make sure you’re starting out on the right foot, pay attention to footwear. You don’t have to invest megabucks in shoes, just make sure the shoes you walk in are sturdy, with good arch support and a flexible sole. Choose fairly lightweight clothes that will allow you to take off or add a layer if the temperature changes while you’re walking. If your walk lasts until after sundown, make sure you have reflective tape on shoes and a wristband. Take a bottle of water with you to ensure that you stay hydrated. Thirst is a sign of dehydration-take regular sips during the walk, before you are thirsty.

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